Published on Feb 15, 2016 at 11:13a.m.

February 16th, 2016


We are proud to announce the new name for our software platform - EVOCLOUD!

New Website Coming:

This new branding replaces the temporary name of "TwistCMS" that we used to create our new municipal website platform. 
"Cloud" more accurately describes our software, our strategy, and our mission. 

Why this name, and why now:

  • "CMS" is a dying term - Our new website platform is WAY more than a simple Content Management System (CMS).
    Calling it just a CMS does a disservice to the many things your organization can do with our platform. 
  • We Are Truly Cloud Based - Unlike other providers, who outright lie that their software is cloud-based, ours actually is.
    Our entire infrastructure was rebuilt in 2015 and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Other municipal firms can't match this technology.
  • It is a Platform - More than a CMS, our platform includes messaging systems, file management systems, and more apps on the way that go beyond CMS, like our 311 platform. 
  • Common Branding - EvoCloud branding enables us to expand into new markets. TwistCMS didn't accurately describe our strategy.
  • New .CLOUD Domain! - The new .cloud domain suffix was released on 2/16/2016 and we pre-registered EVO.CLOUD some time ago. It is perfect. 

We are super-excited with this evolutionary step in our branding. 

The website will take the place of and will house an all-new help system and theme repository for our platform. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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