About our Themes

We created these themes because there are limited resources online for finding quality Bootstrap themes that have best practices built into them.
Custom-designed websites can start out using a grid framework to layout website design elements more quickly, which saves time and money for everyone.
The current trend towards photo-rich design requires you to focus more on your photography, color schemes, content, and branding than ever before.
The days of creating graphics out of thin air in Photoshop for months on end is over. You need to build websites quickly that look amazing, and that have an amazing platform behind them. EvoCloud IS that platform. All design themes are mobile-ready. Projects that we build don't have to use one of these themes at all, as we also do custom work. However, a lot of time can be saved using a proven design with custom graphics, content, and branding. We also want to see what themes our EvoCloud users come up with.

Installing the Themes

We have working Bootstrap website design themes for EvoCloud that we are putting the final touches on, and then will post them here with instructions for implementing them.  We are already using these themes for our projects, but we are giving them some improvements to make them open-source ready. Our themes will include an open-source license, and are designed to be used on EvoCloud. The themes are named, and can be uploaded into your EvoCloud instance in minutes by uploading the zip file directly into the admin. After uploading a theme, all that you will need to do is change ID numbers on the applications to enable them in the platform (news, calendars, menus, alerts, ticker, and search). We use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for a lot of our common scripts, so this makes setup quick and easy.

What Does a Theme Include?

  • Page Template Layouts
    • Global Template (header/footer)
    • Home Template (home page)
    • Inner Template (interior pages)
    • Application Template (for full-width applications, like maps)
    • Newsletter Template (for mass email)
  • CSS Files
  • Graphics
  • Scripts
  • CDN Links

Ocean Theme

Based on the layout of a famous site we developed for a coastal community, this theme is very attractive and flexible, with features that a larger organization will require.
The menu system includes action buttons for each menu panel, and those have their own content area which can be managed individually.

Takeaways: For larger organizations, interactive menus, larger action button area, news slider.

Sample Live Site:

Lake Theme

Originally designed for smaller associations that have very little website content, this is clean site with a floating panel design.
Random backgrounds or slideshows add depth to the design, and translucent panels group content into regions that are easy to read.
Easily expandable and includes the unlimited page and storage capabilities of the Evo Cloud, but with a simple layout.

Takeaways: Simple site, quick setup, photo backdrop, Social media feed tabs displayed on home page.

Sample Live Site:


Boulder Theme

An untraditional menu system at the very top edge of the website, above the branding logo area.
Three large, centered content areas that float over a random background photo.
Typically, the 3 content boxes are used for; News, Events, and Action buttons.
This is a super-clean design that is attractive and easy to use.

Takeaways: Expansive top-down menu, three unique floating content areas, photo-rich backdrop.



Metro Theme

A new theme for small associations and municipalities. More information coming soon.

Heartland Theme

Beautiful photo-rich design with photo action buttons along the bottom, which reveal a slider menu that comes up form the bottom.
Highly interactive and unique, with special scripts in place for operating extra-large menu systems.
Originally built for a County, the theme is now customizable to integrate it's features into new designs.

Sample Live Site:


Mountain Theme

A completely de-cluttered home page that has a large photo-rich design.
Using interactive Mega Menus, this design incorporates live applications in the menus themselves.
Visitors use the menu system at the top of the site to access news and event feeds, so there is very little (almost none) text on the home page.
This design creates a stunning look, which will grab a lot of attentions, however it will require fantastic photography at over 2000 pixels in width.

Sample Live Site:


Paralax Theme (long, scrolling home page)

This theme is in development now, and is based on a the design of a large City in California that we admired.
We will release this theme as open source very soon, but it is ready to be used in new projects that we build.
We took that premise of their design, and we actually made it better with new features.
The "admire site" was a six-figure website design, that we can offer for a fraction of the cost.
This is a very specific layout, so if you are new to paralax website design strategies you may want to do some research on those first.