What is Evo Cloud?

EvoCloud is a cloud-based website and application platform built in Python using the Django framework. It was built with love by the team at Evo Studios, Inc. - an agency that builds websites for cities. The goal of EvoCloud is to create an open, scalable, affordable web platform for egovernment, using the latest in cloud technologies.

Built For The Cloud!

Our platform is built to take advantage of the auto-scaling and near infinite storage capabilties of Amazon Web Services. EvoGov.com uses this technology to build websites for local government agencies.

Built for Mobile

Use ANY mobile framework you choose. We use Bootstrap for most of the websites we build, but you can use any framework easily.

Plugins Are Dead

After seeing WordPress (and many other PHP) plugins get hacked constantly, we decided to make something better. To end plugin madness, we built the most common applications directly into the system. This makes our platform perform better, and more safely.

Versioned on GitHub

We are rolling out live features every week. Unlike other projects that are volunteer-only, our livelihood and our customers depend on EvoCloud. We are constantly improving the platform.

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