Widgets - News Posts

News Posts Widget: 

The News Post Widget downloads recently published news items into divs that can be formatted using CSS. News posts will be shown for categories that have "use_on_homepage" checked and that are currently published.

<div class="evo_cloud_widget evo_param_news_posts evo_param_news_posts_limit__4 evo_param_news_posts_show_thumbnails__true "></div>
evo_param_news_posts_limit__[##]  Limits the posts to the number specified, the default is 4.
evo_param_show_thumbnails__[true or false] Specifies whether thumbnail images will be shown with the posts.
evo_param_news_posts_include_html__[true or false] Specifies whether HTML tags should be stripped out of news post content
evo_param_news_category_ids__25_30_40  Specifies a specific news category

<div class="evo_cloud_widget evo_param_news_posts_columns evo_param_news_posts_limit__4 evo_param_news_posts_show_thumbnails__true  [evo_param_heading_on_top]"></div>

The News Posts Widget may also be used with a Carousel.  This is an example of the widgets as a carousel:

<div class="carousel slide" id="news_posts_carousel"> <ol class="evo_param_news_posts_get_carousel_indicators evo_cloud_widget carousel-indicators"> </ol> <div class="evo_cloud_widget evo_param_news_posts evo_param_news_posts_limit__4 evo_param_news_posts_show_thumbnails__true evo_param_news_posts_mode__normal carousel-inner"></div> </div>

Associated CSS For this carousel may include:

#news_posts_carousel .carousel-indicators {
	margin-bottom: -40px;

#news_posts_carousel .carousel-indicators li {
	background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0);
	border-color: rgba(30, 30, 30, 1.0);

#news_posts_carousel .carousel-indicators li.active {
	background-color: rgba(130, 130, 130, 1.0);

News List Widget: 

The News List Widget downloads recently published news items into divs that can be formatted using CSS. Default is for the past 120 days.

<div class="evo_cloud_widget evo_param_news_list"></div>
<div class="evo_cloud_widget evo_param_news_list evo_param_news_max_age_days__365"></div>