Published on Nov 16, 2017 at 11:09a.m.

The form builder can now send SMS messages to your staff as an alert when visitors complete and submit forms in your website. This works on ALL forms, both in your public websites, and also on secure staff portals. There is no additional fee for sending you the text messages from the CMS.  We have included this feature at no charge. This is new feature is now live for all websites on the Evo Cloud CMS.

How to use this feature:

Simply add phone numbers that you wish to get SMS alerts sent to in your forms. You will see the SMS field on all forms.

Future Improvements Planned for SMS Messaging:

  • All SMS notification signups in the customer portal (/portal).
  • Enable your customers to select SMS preferences in their profiles.
  • Send mass text messages (i.e. Alerts) through SMS to messaging subscriber lists (customer lists).
  • Staff and customer alerts for complaint tracking, through SMS.

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