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  • SSL Encryption Included Free
    • 2048 bit encryption SSL certificates from Amazon Web Services for all domains.
    • Sale encryption level as online banking websites.
    • No need to purchase SSL certificates every year.
  • User Security
    • Multi-Level Security Model
    • Applications, Groups, Departments, Roles, and Admin levels of access to permits users to edit only what they are supposed to.
    • User Groups and Draft-only options for control of who can post content.
  • Non-Destructive Deletions
    • Data deleted in the system by users isn’t physically deleted ever.
    • Administrators can reactivate deleted pages and data.
    • Ensures FOIA compliance.

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Domains and Multiple Sites

Have multiple domain names? You can use them all with us easily.
The incredible flexibility that we give you with domain names, sub-sites, micro sites, SSL, and secure staff websites is unmatched.
Here is what you can do with EvoCloud:

  • Sub-Domains
    • Example - Create Sub-Domains for departments; , , etc. Point those sub-domains at pages in your site.
  • Domain Redirects
    • Example points to the /police homepage in your website.
  • Sticky Domains - NEW AND GREAT!
    • These are a bit harder to explain, but they are the greatest thing to happen to domains in a CMS!
    • Creates multiple websites with their own domains within one main website.
    • Merge multiple websites together into one platform, with multiple domain name and multiple designs, all in one platform.
    • Using the police department example from the two previous domain examples, here is what you can do:
      • is pointed at in our admin.
      • The redirect is set to be "Sticky" in our admin. Sticky domains are a special type of redirect.
      • The target is chosen for this new Sticky domain, in this case it is the /police page in the CMS, which would be the police department home page.
      • The police department home page uses a custom design template.
      • The police home page and interior pages have their own custom design.
      • The police templates use their own menus, thus "trapping" the visitor in the police section of the city's website.
      • To the end user, the website is its own standalone website.

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Web Page Builder / Editor

  • Add unlimited pages to your website.
  • Visual editor - No need to know HTML
  • Drag and drop media management
  • Unlimited Page Layouts
  • Widget Manager for Drag-and-drop applications into pages
  • Friendly URLs everywhere
  • Multiple URLs per page - useful for tracking promotions, handling mispellings.
  • Paste content from Microsoft Word.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features.
  • EVERY save is version controlled - system creates backups of every save to every page!
  • Permissions down tot he page level.
  • HTML Code access to all pages for HTML experts.
  • Delayed Publishing
  • Page Expiration
  • Layout Template Chooser - One-click template change per page and application

Evo Cloud Page Editor

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Widgets - Drag and Drop Applications into Your Website

  • Add applications to pages with zero programming experience
  • Add a custom Google Map to a page, showing layers and location points
  • Add a Map Location to a Page.
  • Add a Map Layer to a Page.
  • Staff Directory List
  • File Lists (great for displaying synchronized file archives)
  • Slideshows
  • Video Player with playlist
  • Audio Player with playlist
  • News Box
  • Calendars

Menu for drag-and-drop applications

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Media Library

File Manager for your Website

  • Unlimited Files and Folders
  • Multi-File Drag and Drop
  • Real-time Image Editor
    • Resize (percentage or pixel sizes)
    • Crop
    • Flip
    • Restore (restores original file)
  • Drag and Drop PDFs and any other file type
  • Friendly Names on all files for file lists in pages
  • Replace a file and all links in your website change automatically.
  • Seachable PDFs and Office Documents
  • Live previews

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Carousel Slideshow Manager

  • Drag photos into media library
  • Custom sizes for slideshows
  • Embed slideshows into any page
  • Show or hide slideshow controls
  • Responsive / Mobile slideshows
  • Add titles and sub-titles to slides
  • Add action buttons to slides
  • Position action buttons in custom locations per slide
  • Works with custom templates to add custom slideshows to department pages.

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Social Media Integration

  • Push to Social buttons on all content.
  • Live Twitter Feed Embed
  • Live Facebook Feed Embed

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  • Built-In Video Player with Playlists
  • YouTube Embed feature in any content (Pages, FAQs, More).
  • YouTube Channel Embed
  • Video Live Meeting Streaming

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Menus - Navigation Menus and Mega Menus

Manage links and navigation areas across your website easily.

  • Mega Menu Builder (large Multi-Column Menus)
  • Action Button Options for Mega Menus
  • Side Menu Builder for Pages
  • Custom Menus per section or department
  • Action Button menus using Glyph Icons from our built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) for code

Mega Menu with multiple columns and native action buttons on each panel

Action bar menu using glyph icons - over 5000 icons provided in our system

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Calendars / Events / Meetings & Agendas

The calendar system in Evo Studios is robust.

  • Unlimited calendars in your website.
  • Setup calendars for groups, departments, committees, and boards with their own permissions.
  • Clone events for up to a year with easy recurring event interface.
  • Events are rich and allow multimedia - add images, file links, hyperlinks, videos, and more to your events.
  • Special /Agendas and /Meetings interface built-on to show upcoming meetings with file attachments.
  • Embed calendars anywhere in the site.
  • List, Day, Week, Month, and Year views.
  • Push-To-Home-Page feature for important events.
  • Community Calendars enable event suggestions - Community groups can suggest events for your calendar that you can approve.
  • ICAL subscriptions - get notifications when new events are added to a calendar.
  • RSS Feed Generator for calendars.

Dedicated meetings page showing upcoming meetings and the agendas, packets, adn other files.

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News Postings / News Sliders

  • Unlimited separate news areas
  • Unlimited news postings
  • Security on each news area
  • Push-To-Home-Page option for important news.
  • Multiple Display Options
    • Show news items in a paginated list.
    • Show news in a news slider box (great for home pages.
  • Search engine for searching news.
  • RSS Feed Generator for news areas

Home page showing the News Slider in the bottom left.

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Google Maps, Map Layers, and Map Locations (Facilities)

  • Master Map - A Global map is automatically generated for your website at the "/maps" address, showing all layers.
  • Custom Maps - Generate custom maps with any combination of locations and layers you wish.
  • Map Layers
    • Create map layers for office buildings, parking lots, parks, historic locations, there is no limit to the layers.
  • Map Locations
    • Moveable pin locations, for places that don't have a street address.
    • Create individual Map Locations , creates a special landing page in the site for each Location.
    • Photo Gallery on each Location.
    • News items tied to that location are show.
    • Events tied to that location are shown.
    • Ability to link to a location, or embed it into a page.

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Department Pages / Custom Page Layouts

  • Create your own custom departmental home page and content page (interior page) layouts by department
  • Create custom landing pages for departments, groups, committees, events, promotions, and more.
  • Custom layouts and department pages can have their own domain names (no extra charge).
  • Complete code access and version control of updates right in the admin.
  • Custom CSS, colors, fonts, scripts, and more right in the admin.
  • Security per template.

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HR Job Posting Manager

  • Create Job Postings by Department
  • Interfaces with the User Portal so that your customers can sign up for job posting alerts.
  • Allows applications to apply online
  • Uploaded resumes are stored.
  • Database created of all applicants for each job.
  • Export database to Excel in the admin.
  • Automatic emails to multiple staff.

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Emergency Alerts and Notifications

  • Create scrolling alerts that appear across the top of your home page, an interior page, or across your entire site.
  • Create pre-made mass emails for emergencies.
  • Create emergency home page designs that can be deployed in seconds.
  • Create pop-up messages for alerts.
  • Create slideshows that can be shown or hidden if there is an emergency.
  • Create an emergency menu system that has links to important public safety information.
  • Communications Officer Interface coming in 2017 for sending mass text messages.

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Analytics / Traffic Reports / Live Chat / Language Translation

  • Traffic reports from Google Analytics and built in easily.
  • Language Translation for many languages using Google Translate.
  • Live chat options are available.

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Customer (Citizen) Portal

All sites come with a Customer Portal, where your customer can create an account, log in, and sign up for services.

  • Create an account
  • Subscribe to Email Newsletter Topics
  • Subscribe to Job Postings by Department
  • Subscribe to Bid Notifications by Bid Category
  • Submit Bids to the Bid System
  • Update contact profile
  • Manage RSS feeds

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Bid System (NEW!)

  • Create Bid Categories
  • Create Bid Postings
  • Track views on bids
  • Turn on/off signup to view bids
  • Track bid downloads
  • Accept bids online securely
  • Prevents staff from viewing bids early.
  • All changes and additional files added to bids are mass e-mailed to all parties automatically
  • Bid list is displayed in the website automatically

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E-Notify Mass Email Newsletter System

Newsletter system comes built-into the platform

  • Create and manage email newsletter topics.
  • Opt-Out system
  • Reports show how many people open the emails, without the need for a read receipt.
  • Delivery of mass emails is billed separately at a rate of $1 per 1000 emails sent.

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Features in Development

  • 311 System
  • GIS Mapping
  • Meeting Streaming / Recording
  • Role-Based Systems
  • Mass Text Messaging