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Reserved URLs

What are Reserved URLs?
When you make a new page or application in your website, you have the freedom with Evo Cloud to structure your URLs any way that you want.
For example, you could make a page or application in your website that has a URL structured like this: .
Note that this URL appears to have directories in its structure, even though there are no such file directories in the website. This URL design freedom makes it possible to group content and create sub-menus that are tied to specific URLs structures in your website. This flexibility is great, and you can make your URLs anything you want, but the one limitation is that certain applications and functionality within the platform requires URLs that can't be used by content that you create.

Below is a list of those "reserved URLs" that you can't use for naming your pages, applications, or other content areas in your website.
Our system will show an error message if you try to use one of these URLs, so you don't need to memorize this list.
However, we have had customers ask us what the URLs are, so that they also could be aware of some of the special applications URLs that are available in the system.

Public Reserved URLs

These are URLs are reserved for the public side of your website. For example, if you went to , you would see a master Google map for your organization, which shows all of the map layers on it. This is a reserved URL for the Master Map that is generated by the CMS.

Reserved URL:

What it is used for:


Admin of the CMS. This forwards to the correct server when you add /admin to the end of your URL.


Forwards to /meetings. See more information on /meetings below.


The bid posting and management system. Shows the current active bids by default.


Master Calendar, showing all sub-calendars that can be filtered.


Shows job postings and the dedicated /jobs page content.


The login page for the CMS.


The logout page for the CMS.


A special view of the calendar system, showing all events that are tagged as "meetings", and also showing their assocaited files in a grid.


The customer portal, where your customers can login to manage; email subscriptions, job posting notifications.


Shows the master map for your organization, with all layers available in a menu.


Shows the email newsletter signup form, where new subscribers can choose topics.


Robots files tell search engines which areas of the website should not be indexed. These are controlled by the site admin that our staff at Evo Studios manages. If you have specific entries that you would like added to your Robots file, please let us know.


a special file that shows all of the menu links in the website in XML format for Google and other search engines to use to index the site more easily.

Reserved URLs for Future Releases:

  • /upload /uploads - a replacement for, where files are easily uploaded in bulk directly to your website. Includes alerts and shareable "magic" hyperlinks.
  • /311 - An open government system for tracking customer complaints.
  • /gis - GIS integration. The first phase of this system is completed.
  • /rss - Shows a list of all public RSS news and event calendar feeds available from your site.
  • /weather - shows weather forecasts.
  • /bookings - For our new facility / event booking engine for parks and recreation departments.
  • /surveys - Shows an archive of surveys, responses, and report graphs.
  • /alerts - Emergency alert system.

Reserved URLs for the software Platform

  • /evo_duplication_status
  • /evo_weather