Does Evo Studios Offer Domain Name Registration?

Yes! We recommend two registrars for domain registrations and renewals. 
Those two registrars are; OpenSRS and Amazon Web Services.

Should I use GoDaddy for domain registration?

In our opinion, no. In our experience, discounted domain name sales are supported by selling your information and marketing other services to you.
We feel that you should be able to register a domain name and feel secure, without selling your information. 

I already have a GoDaddy registered domain name. Can I use it with Evo Cloud?

Yes! Domains can be registered with any registrar, then pointed at our servers. 

You said you use two domain name registrars. Which should I use?

  • OpenSRS is the easiest, and we have a self-service portal for searching, registering, renewing, and migrating domains to our OpenSRS account. 
    The address to get started is
    Whether you have a domain name or not, you can go there to get started right now. 
  • Amazon Web Services has a new domain name registration system which we really like. 
    It costs about $1 to $2 per year more than other registrars. 
    What we like about it is that it has extra protections against hackers in the way that the domains are integrated with their DNS and content networks. 
    For our larger customers (like our local government customers), we can help set this up for them.
    But you have a bit of IT experience you can also go to , setup an account, and move domains there. 
    For our own domains that we own for our online properties, we are moving all of them to Amazon.